Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Six years after

The last Saturday in December is our anniversary. Time flies. It's been six years since we tied the knot.

We always take a big trip during this time of the year. It's our tradition to explore somewhere new on our anniversary. Last year we went to Pismo Beach; the year before last we went to Palm Springs. We've also been to Las Vegas and Vancouver.

This year is very different, because we got a companion: our little one.

My hubby said that we should go somewhere "fun for kids." Then I said, "why don't we go back to Raleigh?"

Raleigh, NC is where we met 10 years ago. Actually I wasn't sure if that was a good idea--we now reside in San Diego and it's kind of scary to fly for 5 hours with a 7-month-old. Plus, going somewhere "old" on our anniversary is anti-tradition.

But as soon as the word "Raleigh" slipped out of my month, I realized that I really miss that city! Apparently my hubby shared the same feeling. Setting that "tradition" aside, we booked our air tickets to Raleigh.

Raleigh is not a big city. For most visitors, 4 days in town is more than enough to see the place. But for us, this is a city full of memory, and I doubt two weeks would be long enough. This turned out to be the "big trip"to meet old friends and visit old places.

Strolling on the NCSU campus with little Jade in my arms, those vivid memories from my college years all came back to me. Of course our financial situation in those days couldn't compete with what we have now; sometimes we had only rice and butter for dinner. But amazingly, we were incredibly happy. Nothing bothered us but final papers and occasional fights. In those days my biggest dreams were to become a news anchor and to write a book that sold at least 50,000 copies. All of the dreams have come true, but my life today is not necessarily happier.

All these years I've been on strict diet, hoping to look slimmer and nicer on-air. But looking at those photos from 6 years ago, I just miss my round cheeks! They make me look so much younger!

I did a lot of silly things in my college years--something I forgot right away; something I regret right away; something I thought super important but soon realized super stupid. But thank God, I also did something smart.

At least I married the right man and had a wonderful baby with him six year after. With our little one, we are creating beautiful new memories.

 I realized this is the big trip that we actually explored something "new."

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