Friday, January 22, 2016

New Year's Resolution: Embracing My Postpartum Body

Getting fit is a classic New Year’s resolution. Last year, and the year before last, my New Year's resolution was both "getting my pre-pregnancy body back." But between sleep deprivation and breastfeeding struggles my commitments to get rid of the post-baby belly always came in the dead at some point in the middle of the year.

Last year right before Mother's Day, I wrote a desperate post for Breastfeeding Association of Taiwan about my unsuccessful attempt on getting my body back.

...Today is my little one's two-year-old birthday.
I have no stretch mark, but after giving birth to this 8 pound piglet, the postpartum fat stays on my belly forever.
My 2-year-old is still being breastfed. Sometimes he would pinch my belly and say, "Mommy fat."
I can happily say that he is the best gift that God has ever given me, definitely worth my once small waist.
But I have no courage to put on my pre-baby bikini and show my post-baby belly.
Confession: I want to get my pre-pregnancy body back...
That was how much I wanted to tone my post-pregnancy belly again. But this year, to save myself from some emotional highs and lows, I promised myself to learn to love my postpartum body.

So it's my new New Year's Resolution.

What changed my mind was that article I wrote couple of months ago for Taiwan's Commonwealth Parenting Magazine, which cited a new U.K. study that finds a mother’s history of anorexia, bulimia or both was predictive of high levels of body dissatisfaction and eating disorder among both girls and boys.

The research kind of shocked me. One thing interesting about a mother writing for a parenting magazine is that she's writing to the readers and herself at the same time. I thought a lot when writing that piece. The unfortunate truth is, I've been unhappy with my own body since the age of eight. At the age of 14, I started a very strict diet. The diet did me no good but lead to an unhealthy eating habit later in life. I don't want my boy to experience the same dissatisfaction with his own body.

So I am going to set an example and learn to love my (postpartum) body as it is. Well, I am not perfect, but hey, I am healthy and have every right to feel good about it.

This is an original post dedicate to Body Positive January 2016 hosted by Happy Mommy, Happy Baby by To-wen Tseng. Photo credit to Mu-huan Chiang. 

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