Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Do a full makeup with the brush made with the baby's hair

My little one, Jade, learned to sit and crawl in one month, and is now capable of driving me crazy. The most scary part is that he would pull his furry sister and my furry child Brownie's hair, and seem to enjoy doing that.
Jade and Brownie having lunch together.
So I went to an infant behavior class. The instructor suggested that if I have come to a point in a challenging situation with Jade where I feel that the only thing left to do is to yell at him, find a way to calm myself down.

With just a little research, I found tons of on-line articles discussing things to do instead of yelling or screaming. Some parents take a parental time-out. Some mothers call for help from girlfriends. Some fathers pile everyone in the car and drive to the park.

These "tricks" have something in common: step away from the situation. I concluded my research and e-mailed it to my husband with a note, "or, do a full makeup with the brush made with Jade's hair."

The makeup trick is nothing new to us. I used to sit down and do a makeup after fighting with my then boyfriend and now husband. Some touch-up for a minor dispute; a full makeup for a major fight. I'd add on fake eyelash and wig if I felt we were on the edge of breaking up.

Funny enough, things always worked out. Looks like it's smart to step away from the situation, no matter you're fighting with your LO or BF.

And we just received the makeup brush made with Jade's hair!

It's a Chinese tradition to shave a baby's head once he turns one month old, and make a writing brush with that hair. We followed the tradition. We try to raise Jade with Chinese tradition--we wish he would appreciate Chinese culture and would read those books I wrote in Mandarin Chinese when he grows up.
It's hard to find a barber who shaves infant's head here in America, though. So we waited until Jade turned three months old.
Jade's first haircut.
Out of the hair, we chose to make a makeup brush set instead of a writing brush. Because oriental brushes are often heavily starched for protecting purpose, the soft touch of the baby hair is lost. The baby hair makeup brush set arrived right before Christmas, making it a great Christmas gift.


I tried to stroke the brush on the back of my hand. It's really soft. It felt just like gently stroking baby's head. I imagined swirling makeup on my face with the brush. Surely it would calm me down.

Back to the topic. I read a lot about helping children manage their emotions when I was pregnant, but rarely thought about as a parent, I would need help with managing my own emotion. Parenting is surely a learning process. One more lesson: instead of yelling at your child, do a full makeup with the brush made with his hair.

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